Business Mentoring

Start any business without investments*

° We help start-up entrepreneurs to launch any business in any country without significant financial investments

° Advice for existing businesses

° Optimization of enterprise management processes

Why do you need a mentor?
Mentoring has existed since ancient times: At one time, Aristotle was the mentor of Alexander the Great, and Socrates was the teacher of Plato. A mentor in the modern world is an expert in his field who helps a less experienced person build his career, develop important qualities and try to avoid mistakes on the way to success. This is a person who has achieved some success in his field and is ready to share his experience and secrets with others.

The main benefits that you will receive from your mentor:

  • 1

    Assessment from the side

    Sometimes we get so deep into certain operational processes that we don’t notice how we can turn off the right path to turn our dreams and goals into reality. A mentor can impartially evaluate and look at the whole process from the outside and give valuable advice.
  • 2

    Saving your time

    The mentor can share his experience in this or that issue, based on his experience, his mistakes and failures, warning you in advance about possible problems related to this or that issue before making decisions. This will save you time that you might be wasting.
  • 3
    Mentor, this is the person who will always cheer you up in difficult times, when you are ready to give up. He will lend a helping hand and will not let you turn off the right path.
How it works ?
1. Choose a business area (when choosing, at the initial stage, you should not be afraid of competition. If there is a lot of competition in business, then this area is in demand).
2. Fill out an application on the site and we will prepare a free guide for you to start your business.
3. If you like our approach, you can order full or partial personal support at all stages of creating your new business. * The number of applications is limited by our time, so we will immediately inform you about the possibility or impossibility of accepting your application.
About 3103 club

Mentors Business Club 3103 was created by successful entrepreneurs from completely different business areas to help novice businessmen realize their dreams and goals.

Our club is "half" commercial, as we are all already established managers and we take remuneration only for our time spent helping you. You will receive a lot of valuable advice in advance. We are ready to share with you our experience, which cost us time, which is undoubtedly the most non-renewable resource in the life of every person on this Earth.

Our team consists of 13 entrepreneurs from industries such as:
- Construction business - Renovations - "Turnkey" construction
- Internet technologies / E-commerce
- Car sharing and aggregators
- Car service - Sales
- Marketing and advertising
- Production
- Restaurant and hotel business
- Family business - remote business
We do NOT train:
- Investments in cryptocurrency and securities
- Internet pyramids
- Cold calls
- Call centers

We can share the experience of doing only "honest" business and entrepreneurship without various kinds of fraud and tricks.

Fill out the form and we will contact you

As you already know, we are all busy people. So be patient.

We delve into each situation personally, so we need time to compose a personal answer for you and provide valuable information.

By submitting data, you agree to our terms on the protection of personal data
Very important to know
You should know that the success of your business is directly related to your inner state, your lifestyle, thoughts in your head. Therefore, it is very important to restore order within yourself and correctly prioritize and set life values.
  • Don't hurry
    Hurry is needed only where it is needed. Do not rush to earn faster. To achieve any goal, you need to go through a certain path. You can't cut the road. It is important not to stop and be able to turn off the path avoiding obstacles that you are not yet able to do, but not to lose patience and confidence to go forward.
  • Solutions
    Don't make decisions if they don't need to be made. Before making a decision, ask yourself 3 clear questions: - Do I need to make this decision now? - What are the pros and cons can be after my decision? - Do I need it?
  • Money
    Easier to treat money in whatever difficult financial situation you are. Money is just one of the tools to achieve your goal, but by no means the most important aspect in life. The more you want to earn, the further you are from the goal. Treat money as an inevitable reward for your work.
  • Lifestyle
    It is impossible to have a successful and well-established business and at the same time have chaos in your head. Spend time with yourself more often and analyze what is happening, your decisions, actions and thoughts. The purer your motives and dreams, the easier it will be for you to get what is rightfully yours. Take care of your body and soul.
  • Alcohol and success
    Whoever says what, but real success and consolidation of one's position cannot exist together with alcohol and other means of intoxicating the mind. It's like catching fish with your bare hands while blindfolded. Your brain must develop, learn, be able to react quickly. You must be patient and stress resistant. This is not possible with alcohol.
  • Clients
    There are no standard "scripts" for selling your services. Each client is individual. It is very important to learn to feel the client on a subconscious level, and not to memorize formulaic phrases that will only piss off a normal client. Do not fawn, try to break through in front of the customer. You must show your expertise in what you understand and the client will feel it. Postpone and share
  • Save money and share
    Make it a rule to save any amount every day, week or month. Also, you should share with those who need it more at the moment. It is very important to give selflessly, not for the sake of returning this money to you. If you don't know how to give selflessly, it's better not to give at all.
  • Mistakes and failures
    Take every failure as a gift. Any mistake is your invaluable experience, and part of your path. It is impossible to conquer the summit without falling, without stumbling, without getting tired along the way. The higher the mountain, the harder it is to climb. Thank your failures, because they strengthen you and make you stronger. Believe me, having passed this way, you will remember your mistakes with a smile.
  • Do not envy
    Sometimes, looking at a successful person in an expensive car in a chic suit, some people experience envy and irritation. They want to be in the place of this person and they do not understand why some people get everything, and some people get nothing. If you suddenly had such a thought, ask yourself the question: What if this person is sick, lost friends and family, lost all the joys of this life in the race for success and wealth? Is he happy? Are you ready to lose the same for money? Do not envy someone else's success, be inspired by this to move forward and everything will work out.
List of our services
Additionally, we can provide you with services such as:
  • Creation of a website or social media pages networks
    As a rule, to promote almost any business, you will need a website or page of your products or services in social networks. We have a number of proven professionals who can help you with this.
  • Search for suppliers or business partners
    We will teach you how and where it is best to look for partners for your business. Perhaps our connections, which have been proven over the years in various fields of activity, will help you.
  • Customer search and filtering
    At the initial stage, it is very important to properly set up the flow of customers, and the quality of these customers is also important.
We all believe in the laws of mathematics, chemistry and physics. But we seem to deliberately refuse to believe in the laws of life. But they exist and work just as accurately as a Swiss watch. If a person drinks alcohol very often, sooner or later he will become an alcoholic. If a person treats people badly, then people will treat him badly. If a person constantly deceives, he will be deceived even more and more painfully. Stop trying to cheat life, you can't do it. Life is older and wiser than you.
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